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Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Grip Ltd. presents: 101 Thoughts on Advertising: Part 5

January 13, 2011 by Big Orange Slide

Illustration by Brian Ross

A new years brings new inspired thoughts from our series of musings on the industry we work, drink and play in. As of right now, the Grip collective considers that

Advertising is:

32) standing between me and my Pulitzer Prize winning stage play.

33) fraught with too many synergies and/or touchpoints.

34) the ticklepoint between art, anthropology and economics.

35) about action – which speaks louder than words.

36) about telling complicated stories in simple terms.

37) distilled from a fermentation of the consumer and the subtle aroma of product.

38) a cake made entirely of icing.

39) what Mad Men would be like if all they ever did on Mad Men was talk about Mad Men.

40) about conjuring fun from nowhere.

41) an emotional process of seeing how great ideas may still be wrong.

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