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Big Orange Slide

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Grip Ltd. presents: 101 thoughts on advertising: Part 7

July 18, 2011 by Big Orange Slide

Illustration by Brian Ross

It has been a while since we dipped into our continuing saga of thoughts on advertising. So today we adjust our course, mine some gems from the eager minds at Grip Limited, and discover that

Advertising is:

52) evolving from being about deep pockets and short memory.
53) only as effective as the consumer experience it represents.
54) about using key words at key times.
55) slowly eating away at my liver.
56) a weapon of mass instruction.
57) “based on happiness.” (hat tip: Don Draper)
58) like playing poker. But our poker chips are peoples’ attention spans.
59) not going to cure cancer. But it can get people to care about doing it.
60) Frogger.
61) taking over my Google+ feed.

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