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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Tell us what you work for

July 16, 2012 by Patrick Robinson

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One plus one often equals three, or so they say. It describes the premise that an idea worked on by more than one person can develop into something much greater. In other words, inspiration combined with effort can synergise in collaboration.

In my daily work I endeavour to excel at my job. The truth revealed by simple math, is that the team around me helps me do my job better than I could do alone. Their work inspires me, which motivates me. Whether it be a passing comment or a formal review, this input and feedback improves the work I do.

Collaboration, can be done with coworkers in an office or with colleagues within our industry. The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD) has plenty of programs in which to participate. For example, there’s RGD’s HeadStart conference (held in March this year) which helps students and recent grads get a head-start on their careers, including portfolio reviews and panel sessions with creative designers. Another way to get involved is by completing RGD’s National Survey of Creative Earners. The published results of this survey will be helpful to employers who want to be sure they are benchmarking their compensation competitively, and it will be useful as well for designers to assist with some realistic career planning.

When asked by RGD to create the National Survey of Creative Earners campaign, this same simple math lead us to collaborate with our industry peers. Acknowledging that compensation encompasses more than just a salary, that it includes such things as perks, work atmosphere and training & development, the goal of the survey intends to uncover what motivates the creative mind.

We put the call out to some of our favourite studios and illustrators with the brief as a simple question: What do you work for? Paprika, Ben Weeks, Rod McDonald, Hambly & Woolley Inc., Zync, Compass 360, Matter Strategic Design, Anita Kunz, Working Format, Subplot Design Inc., Sophie Casson, Jacqui Oakley, Concrete and MEC each answered in visual form and contributed a wallpaper that can be used for your desktop, iPhone and iPad. These can be downloaded when completing the survey.

Complete the survey today at, as the deadline (yes, the extended deadline) is midnight tonight. And remember the simple math: encourage a friend to fill out the survey for results that are more than the sum of their parts.

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