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Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Laughing and crying (with laughter)

October 19, 2012 by Thom Antonio

Illustration by Hiten Patel

Grip is ten. That’s ten years more than most expected, and the last five years of my life. I say ‘of my life’ because being a part of Grip means more to me than just “work.” If I think back to my most memorable moment in the last five years, there isn’t just one. There are many.

I can remember back to a time, even before I started at Grip, where a few of the partners and I commiserated over a few beers. Random conversations lead to lots of laughs, and ultimately a job here. On my first day, I was made to feel right at home. From that day, and every day since, I’ve laughed or smiled at the laughter I hear ricocheting across the floors (Bob Goulart’s laugh is particularly infectious). I’ve been in meetings where I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried. I’ve laughed enough to spill a few beers on more than a few Thursdays. And I’ve been made fun of in ways that have made me laugh at myself. So no, it’s not a singular moment that I recall with fondness about working at Grip. It’s the constant, insistent stream of laughter.

I vividly remember a statement that was made by most of the partners when I was considering joining the agency: “We want this to be the last place you work.” Pessimists may think darkly on that, but I’m an eternal optimist. I thought, and continue to think, that that’s a pretty powerful idea. With any luck, I can laugh and tell this story again when Grip turns twenty five.

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