Strategy What is an insight?

Illustrator: Ihar Turtsou
We work in an industry laced with buzzwords [...]

Design Forgiving a pretty face

In the late spirit of Valentine’s day, I’ve been thinking [...]

Digital Responsivenessicity

Illustrator: Bailey Bremmers (Design Apprentice)
A few years ago it [...]

Culture #GripLabLive – Elias Theodorou

Grip Associate Partner and MMA fan Ben Weinberg sat down [...]


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Sunday, April 26th, 2015

At Large

Dave Hamilton

Dave is an accomplished copywriter and creative director with more than a decade of experience. A penchant for strategy development and passion for storytelling have earned him the pleasure of launching or positioning brands on behalf of: Anheuser-Busch, Frito-Lay, Honda, The Coca Cola Company, IKEA, Sony, Harry Rosen Menswear, Reebok, Rogers-Yahoo!, Hershey, and possibly a couple of others he’s forgotten to brag about here. He looks forward to ranting and raving about whatever catches his fancy until someone asks him to stop.

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