Strategy Ideavelopmentreation

Outside the agency environment, I was introduced to Agile development: [...]

Design Forgiving a pretty face

In the late spirit of Valentine’s day, I’ve been thinking [...]

Digital …And a Social New Year

Evolution of the Community Manager as we know it:

The profile [...]

Culture The Season of Giving

‘Work hard, play harder’, the phrase often used to describe [...]


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Monday, April 21st, 2014

Leilah Ambrose

As Leilah Ambrose shuffles across this mortal coil, she distracts herself with culinary schooling, lands foreign, readerly activities, backyard axe-tossing, rigorous imbibing, loud laughter, concert going, fort building, junk store hopping, internet treasure hunting and, yes, purveying Senior-level copy at Grip Limited.

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