Strategy Ideavelopmentreation

Outside the agency environment, I was introduced to Agile development: [...]

Design Forgiving a pretty face

In the late spirit of Valentine’s day, I’ve been thinking [...]

Digital (N)UI Revolution – Part 1

Illustrator: Rodrigo Diaz Mercado

Those of us who work in [...]

Culture The Transition

Illustrator: Rodrigo Diaz Mercado
After spending countless lonely nights in cold [...]


Big Orange Slide

Friday, April 25th, 2014


As with most anything you get from ad people, these guidelines are a work in progress. Your feedback is welcome. The following is what we’ve committed to so far. As a blogger and/or commenter on Big Orange Slide, please strive for the following:

Be transparent. Explain your possible conflicts of interest. Make sure a conflict is clear in individual posts.

Be trustworthy. Be right. When you’re wrong, correct as quickly as possible and be honest about it. Don’t write misleading headlines. Give credit where credit is due by linking, including for copyrighted images.

Use good judgment. Even though you are an independent thinker, our readers may think of you as a representative of Grip, it’s Clients or it’s suppliers so please offer clarity as your identity, biases and potential conflicts of interest. Please use good judgment when dealing with fellow readers and bloggers. This is a public forum; please treat it with respect it demands.